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The strength of OBL is our people. The Origin Bioanalytical team possesses over 50 combined years of bioanalytical experience in small molecule method development, validation, and sample analysis with success in developing LC-MS/MS methods for complex assays and matrices.

Shadia Hanna

Shadia Hanna

Site Director / Co-Founder

Shadia Hanna, BS is a well-respected Principal Investigator and Laboratory Manager with 15 years in FDA GMP and GLP regulated laboratories. As the Site Director of Origin Bioanalytical Laboratory, she has superior managerial expertise in the bioanalysis field for contract laboratory organizations.

Shadia has a strong background as a Quality Control Chemist and Quality Assurance Auditor prior to advancing into laboratory management positions. She managed the overall success from method development through production for multiple FDA approved medications by providing reliable TK/PK data for clients to submit their drugs for approval.

Shadia also managed all client interactions while overseeing all laboratory activities and finances. Shadia holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Villanova University.

Lee Hamm 2

Lee Hamm

Scientific Director / Co-Founder

Lee Hamm, BSc is an experienced Senior Scientist with 19 years in FDA GMP/GLP regulated laboratories. As the Scientific Director of Origin Bioanalytical Laboratory, he brings a broad expertise in manufacturing processes and analytical method development for analysis of large and small molecule therapeutics for the pharmaceutical industry.

Lee specializes in the development of extraction and quantitative bioanalytical LC-MS/MS methods of small molecule and peptide therapeutics from ocular tissues. He has publications based on his research and a decade of analytical method development for bioanalytical CROs. Over his career spanning Canada and the US, Lee has worked for several pharmaceutical manufacturing companies developing and validating processes and analytical methods for analysis of Intermediate, API and drug products.

Lee has a Diploma in Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry from Camosun College in Victoria, British Columbia and a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry from the University of Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia.

Key Contributing Scientists

Melanie Gee-Shihabi, PhD has over 18 years’ experience as a Senior Scientist and Principal Investigator in FDA regulated laboratories. Melanie’s expertise is in managing the design, conduct and accurate reporting of bioanalytical method validation studies. As Project Manager/Principal Investigator at Origin, she has a strong background in managing the overall scientific conduct of project teams for the bioanalysis phase of clinical and GLP regulated studies. Melanie has a PhD degree in Chemistry, with focus on biophysical chemistry, from University of California, Berkeley.  

Erica Kehlet, BS has over 8 years’ experience as a Chemist in FDA GLP and GMP regulated laboratories. Erica has expertise in performing chemical extractions in support of bioanalytical validation, sample analysis and investigation studies. As Senior Chemist / Sample Coordinator at Origin, she has a strong background in supporting laboratory activities from sample receipt through final reporting. Erica has a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry from University of California, Santa Barbara.

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